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Random thoughts on all things quilty

By Sandra Morgan, Apr 5 2012 07:01PM

Despite the weather taking a definite turn for the worst this week ~ just in time for the children's Easter Break! ~ the nettles are coming up thick and fast. So with the onions and garlic and one cubed potato softening nicely in a knob of butter, Tess and I set off armed with a pair of marigolds between us.

We pinched out the first four leaves of the nettle plants ~ they're the bits with all that mineral goodness right at the growing apex of the plant ~ a good handful per person.

Then back to the kitchen, a quick swish in cold water ~ then straight in the pan with a pint or so of stock.

Gently simmered for 20 minutes, whizzed smooth and served in a bowl with a dash of cream. How good is that ~ for free!

By Sandra Morgan, Mar 28 2012 08:39PM

Another trio of dogs to add to our Best in Show project; Bessie the Bassett, Coffee Dog the Beagle and a very handsome Doberman

By Sandra Morgan, Mar 11 2012 08:57PM

Here are three more canine chums to join the Best in Show group ~ in no particular order: Dizzy the Spaniel, Nel the Labrador and Candy the Tibetan Terrier.

By Sandra Morgan, Feb 26 2012 02:43PM

We kicked off our latest Block of the Month Club on Saturday in the excellent Thornton Le Beans Village Hall.

It was a lovely sunny morning, light streaming in through the windows and a bird singing outside. There was a buzz of anticipation as we began to sew.

As usual with a group of entusiasts, individual stories were told.

Memories of canine friends past and present came through ~ my best is Christine who is making a quilt for her husband's birthday of all the dogs they're had in their life together. Thank you Christine, this is exactly what I hoped would happen when I began to design this project last year.

Others were thinking on their feet of how to take the designs and change them to their own ~ Debbie has been too traumatised by last year's triangle border and has come up with her own variation, undertaking to make kennels to go round the whole quilt.

Helen and Karen have taken Fred, the rough haired terrier, and are turning him into a cushion ~ well, his image that is! I can't wait to see the results.

By Sandra Morgan, Feb 21 2012 09:54PM

We've had builders in this week ~ bad timing as it was also half term, however when you have the opportunity to get cracking with the work, you have to plunge in! Thank heavens for the distraction of the launch of the new Block of the Month Club, I have been able to indulge in hours of quilting, quite legitimately, despite the chaos swirling around me.

It's not even that we will have a spanking new extension to show for the pain ~ hopefully it will all go back as it was before, with the not insignificant addition of a small, plain woodburning stove. But this time, all being well, the damp proofing solution will put an end to this problem.

It's been fascinating ~ and ever so slightly alarming~ seeing the walls emerge from their covering of plasterwork. They are a real patchwork of the previous lives of our house ~ it has been a dentists, a fish and chippie, a healers ~ there is evidence of windows and doorways; beautiful art nouveau tiles ~ these concreted over to be replaced by a fetching thirties tiled firplace. I imagine all those previous occupants, I rather like being a continuation of all that.

And the cats now need valium for their shredded nerves!

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