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By Sandra Morgan, Nov 15 2011 09:22PM

I’ve been guilty of a bit of double standards recently ~ I have been railing against the children telling me just how many days left until 25th December ~ ultimately forbidding all mention of that forthcoming festive season until 1st December. All the time stitching away in my sewing room my little nativity figures, it’s just that if I leave THAT until 1st December, I’ll have no chance of being ready for my Christmas Workshop on 3rd December.

It is such a feature of our supermarket culture that our seasons and festivals are trailed weeks, months even, before their time. It really can feel like by the time they actually arrive, they are stale. I’m determined to make a stand and refuse to ‘get ready’ for Christmas in October.

Saying this, I must mention my brilliant husband. Throughout the year, he searches out and squirrels away unconsidered triffles harvested from charity shops, ebay and other sources. The children and I are the lucky recipients of vintage books and toys, clothes and (me in particular) china. He’s useless at DIY and not the most domesticately proficient operator, but who would swop those talents for the most inspired gift-master I know. Not me!

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