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By Sandra Morgan, Oct 3 2011 03:43PM

Sewing has taken a bit of a back seat this week as all types of produce have materialised on my doorstep, demanding my attention. The most appreciated of the harvest so far has been a bag of quinces. I’ve not had enough to really experiment with before but here was a bounty of 3lbs of the beautiful fruits!

Small and slightly under ripe ~ perfect for Quince Marmalade ~ see my website for the exact recipe ~ the whole house was scented with their delicate fragrance, somewhere near citrus but not quite. I now have 5 precious jars of the amber coloured preserve. Just right for spreading on some homemade wholemeal toast.

The next target of my attention are some large beetroots ~ these are destined for chutney, along with some past-their-best windfall apples. Although a friend in the village has just let me have a rather tempting chocolate cake recipe that I might have to explore!

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