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Nettle Soup

By Sandra Morgan, Apr 5 2012 07:01PM

Despite the weather taking a definite turn for the worst this week ~ just in time for the children's Easter Break! ~ the nettles are coming up thick and fast. So with the onions and garlic and one cubed potato softening nicely in a knob of butter, Tess and I set off armed with a pair of marigolds between us.

We pinched out the first four leaves of the nettle plants ~ they're the bits with all that mineral goodness right at the growing apex of the plant ~ a good handful per person.

Then back to the kitchen, a quick swish in cold water ~ then straight in the pan with a pint or so of stock.

Gently simmered for 20 minutes, whizzed smooth and served in a bowl with a dash of cream. How good is that ~ for free!

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