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Random thoughts on all things quilty

By Sandra Morgan, May 14 2014 06:27PM

On 14 June, at Ainderby School, we're going to get together for a whole day to sew together ~ without interuption! I'm really looking forward to it, I loved our day just before Christmas and marveled at the atmosphere of the room, everyone peacefully sewing and chatting, helping each other when my fiendishly oblique instructions proved too inscrutable!

I've come up with Runner Ducks as the central motif, but other things are available should you prefer a choice. I am rather enjoying doodling ideas based around our raffle quilt, as anyone who comes along to Morton Quilters will know, we have a teacup/teapot theme going on. Watch this space!

By Sandra Morgan, Apr 4 2013 07:04PM

This wonderful technology has one really big drawback ~ the sheer time it takes me to upload images and sort out where things have to go, none of it comes naturally to me. The children are just brilliant, and to see their fingers zooming over the keyboards makes me realise how slow I am. My husband once made the now infamous comment ' a monkey could do this quicker than you!'

All I'm trying to do is put a few of my cushion kits in my new store ~ not the most challenging of ICT tasks really! 9 times out of 10 I give up and do a bit of sewing to calm my frayed nerves!

However, persevere I must if I'm to put my stuff in front of a wider audience!

Ho! Hum!

By Sandra Morgan, Jan 6 2013 09:17PM

I spent such a lovely day in Whitby yesterday ~ photographing the blocks for the strandline.

Although we were disappointed not to see Peggy and Lillian making their way up the 199 steps to the Abbey, Finn and I carried on attaching bits of string and clothes pegs to various fences and barriers ~ to the bemusement of passers~by.

The light was perfect and silvery, and the setting suitably handsome.

I really do have to go and live by the sea.

By Sandra Morgan, May 6 2012 03:18PM

Just spent a lovely morning at Saltburn ~ is there anywhere better?

Let my inner Andy Goldsworthy out with a bit of seaweed and feel totally restored!

By Sandra Morgan, Apr 23 2012 07:10PM

I met a friend walking across the village green and we commented on the state of the grass, strewn as it was with many sticks from the very active rookery in the trees above us. John told me how when he was a child the women in the village would be out collecting the wood in their aprons to start their fires, now I usually pick a bit of kindling up as I walk back from school but I've never seen any one else doing so. In fact I see very few people around at that time; our village, like many others, is pretty empty during the daytime. Then in the evenings, people return from their jobs, close the door and draw the curtains.

Still on the positive side, the lighter nights are encouraging the children back out onto the green for a kick-around, and there is a group of us who would dearly like to buy the now closed village pub to run it as a community facillity. This could be a bit of much needed social glue.

I think I'll have to draw the line at going out in my pinny to collect kindling...

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